PNB Structured Investment (mtd)

PNB Structured Investment (mtd)
Amanah Mutual Bhd
Investment Manager
Permodalan Nasional Berhad
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The Fund seeks to provide investment opportunities that generate reasonable returns and growth over the tenure of the Fund while endeavouring to provide capital protection to Unit Holders.

Offer Period: 45 days from 12 May 2008 to 25 June 2008 at RM1.00 per unit.
Commencement Date: The seventh (7th) Business Day immediately following the end of the Initial Offer Period.
Maturity Date: Last Business Day before the fifth (5th) anniversary of the
Commencement Date.The Fund shall be terminated on the Maturity Date and all Units held by the Unit Holders will be redeemed.
Distribution Policy: The Fund will distribute earnings from its income, if any.

Investor Profile

Suitable for investors who:

  • seek capital protection;
  • wish to participate in the potential upside of global equities, interest rates or any other indices;
  • with low risk tolerance. 
  • with a medium-term investment horizon. 


To achieve this objective, the Fund will be investing in RM- denominated Structured Products, PNB REIT, cash equivalent instruments and any other investments permitted by the Deed. TheStructured Products are principal protected upon maturity.

The Fund will also be investing in Units of PNB REIT which offer potential regular income and upside potential through exposure in properties.  PNB REIT has principal protection features whereby its Properties have a buy-back option from the respective vendors to repurchase the Properties at the highest price offered by third party purchasers and subject to the REITs Guidelines.

The Fund will also be investing in cash equivalent instruments to meet its liquidity requirements.

Asset Allocation:

  • Structured Products - Up to 80% of the Fund’s Net Asset Value may be invested in Structured Products; and
  • PNB REIT - Up to 50% of the Fund’s Net Asset Value may be invested in PNB REIT; and
  • Cash & any other capital market instruments - A minimum of 2% of the Fund’s Net Asset Value will be invested in cash and money market instruments to provide for liquidity purposes.

Fees & Transactions

Fees & Charges
Sales Charge 1.50%
Redemption Fee2.5% (less than 1 yr; 1st yr to 2nd yr - 2.0%; 2nd yr to 3rd yr - 1.5%; 3rd yr to 4th yr - 1.0%; 4th yr to 5th yr - 0.5%; At maturity - NIL.)
Switching FeeN/A
Free Switches YearlyN/A
Annual Management Fee1%
Transactions (Minimum)
InvestmentInitial: RM10,000 / 10,000 units
Additional: RM1,000 / 1,000 units
Regular InvestmentInitial: N/A
Additional: N/A
Account Balance 10,000 units
Switching N/A


Fund Documents
Prospectus Refer to company website or branch office.


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